Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Than

Women can be very
judgmental, throw them into a "competition" such as raising a child and things are bound to get ugly. I can't stop all the women in the world from tearing each other down, but I can stop them from getting to me. Finding myself in a place where I'm no longer up late at night wearing the labels other women have given me is a very freeing thing. Beyond that I'm making a commitment (and I encourage you to do likewise), to use my words to encourage and support, to lift others up, and give advice in a gentle tone. If something is important enough to be said about another woman, it's important enough to be said to her face that she may either take the advice and better herself, or give defense for her actions.

I've written an ode to a different kind of super mom, the kind who's strength lies in knowing her weakness, who's beauty is not found in the clothes she wears or make up she puts on, but in her ability to teach her daughters to love themselves for who they are, not who they can turn themselves into.

More Than

a poem from the award winning author
me :)

More than I want to do everything, I want to be everything for my kids.

More than I want to be the best looking person in the room, I want to teach my daughter to love how she looks.

More than I want to be the best dressed, I want to be covered in Play doh hugs, and baby food kisses.

More than I want to be a member of every club, I want to be an important member of my family.

More than I want to follow the advice of others, I want to follow the advice that's best for us.

More than I want my kids to fit in, I want them to think for themselves and make intelligent decisions based on compassion.

More than I care what you say about my family, I care about my family.

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