Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's a girl!

I was just reading over my last post, I can't believe it was written five months ago. It was a pretty funny should go read it now, this post will not be funny. This is just a little hello to tell you all I was not in fact the first woman ever to be pregnant for an eon. Little baby sparkles (as so dubbed in my belly by my older children) made her debut fashionably late and shocked us all by being a girl. So shocked was I in fact, that I called her 'him' for the first 24-48 hours of her life. True story. Here she is all snuggled on my belly three days old. At this point I started putting bows on her and thus ending the he/she confusion. She is a very easy baby with the exception of her insistence that I not partake of spicy foods. Beyond that she is my curious child, always looking around for something to chase after (which in baby moves comes across as wild arm flapping and a series of 'oooOOOooooh's, but I know what she wants).