Thursday, April 21, 2011


I will on occasion be re-posting old blogs from my personal accounts on here. This is one that, though written over two years ago (shortly before the birth of my son) is very applicable today. Enjoy.....and I apologize if this is a repeat for you.

Where is the emoticon for hormonal angst when you need it????? Seriously people this is going to drive me not......and I feel the need to repeat NOT call to ask me if I have had the baby. You may however call for the following reasons....

a.) to just talk
b.) to ask me how I am feeling
c.) to inquire about the strangely cold weather
d.) to tell me I'm pretty
e.) if there was a bizarre bakery accident and now the coffee shop down the street is giving away free cookies......don't ask me what sort of accident would involve free cookies, I haven't figured that part out yet. A girl can dream though.
f.) to hang out
g.) who am I kidding........anything involving food.

To make a long rant shorter than it could be, but not nearly as short as I am sure most of you would like....I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I HAVE THE BABY!!!!! I promise, you will be made aware. I have a list of phone numbers in my purse ready and waiting for this occasion. I have decided to entitle this the "nice list", people on the nice list will be notified after the baby is born. Anybody else who asks me if I've had the baby yet will be put on what I like to call the "naughty list", these people will be notified when the child turns five.

Yes, I am serious. There is now a naughty list...and not the good kind.


  1. hey....have you had that baby yet? love you sadie, funny blog!!

  2. oh yeah, and i'm your first follower!!

  3. Thanks Sarah! I guess I should change the setting so it lets me know when I have comments on here. :) You have always been such a trend setter.